Clear Retainrs


After your braces have been removed you'll need to wear retainers to prevent your teeth from shifting. The biggest risk of shifting is right after your braces are removed, so it will be important to wear and care for them correctly.


Your retainer will be made of plastic that is made from a model of your teeth usually the same day your braces are removed. They are meant to hold your teeth in position, but the retainers can be modified slightly for minor tooth movement if Dr. Hoggan feels it’s necessary.

When To Wear Them:

Dr. Hoggan will want you to wear them as much as possible, day and night, for the first 4 to 6 weeks. Typically at your next appointment your Hawley Retainers, the wire and acrylic retainers, will be delivered. Some patients wish to wear just the clear retainers, and we would expect them to last at least 1 year, but new ones will need to be made periodically for a nominal replacement cost.

When To NOT Wear Them:

Good news, you don’t have to wear your retainers all the time! They will absolutely HAVE to be removed when you eat anything, chew gum, or play sports. Dr. Hoggan’s office will provide you with a case to store your retainer in when it’s not in use.

Care Instructions

Just like your teeth, you are going to need to brush your retainers at least twice a day with a toothbrush. Anytime you remove your retainer to eat or play sports, you will need to rinse it with water. If your retainer starts to develop any build up or unpleasant odors just soak it in a denture cleaner that says it is safe to use on orthodontic appliances. Finally, never, ever boil or wash your retainer in the dishwasher because the heat will distort and ruin your retainer.

Possible Problems

Losing or breaking your retainer is the biggest problems patients have. The easiest way to prevent this is to keep it in the case proved to you by Dr. Hoggan when not in use. Beware if you have any dogs or other pets that are prone to chewing because they will love chewing retainers. Keep them out of the reach of your pets. Remember to never wash your retainer in the dishwasher or leave it in the car on a hot day because heat will ruin it. Finally, if you grind or clench your teeth while wearing your retainers it will cause cracks, tears and holes to form. This usually happens at night when you are sleeping. If you experience this Dr. Hoggan can fit you with a custom night guard. Make sure to contact our office immediately if you notice any grinding so we can help you as soon as possible.

Replacement Cost

If you lose or break your retainer there is currently a $90 replacement cost. You will need to make an appointment so new impressions can be made.