Orthodontic Headgear


Dr. Hoggan typically uses headgear to restrict the growth of your upper jaw which allows your lower jaw to grow forward to correct any bite issues.


Your headgear is composed of several different pieces. The inner bow connects to your upper 6 year molars. The outer bow attaches to the strap which is anchored against the back of the head.

What To Wear:

You will need to wear your headgear for about 12 hours a day for it to be effective. The easiest time to wear your headgear is at night, but it is also extremely helpful to wear you headgear as much as possible (doing homework, reading, watching tv, etc). The 12 hours of wear do not need to be consecutive.

What NOT To Wear:

Headgear must not be worn while playing sports, wrestling, rough-housing, etc., since it can snag and cause injury.

Care Instructions:

Your headgear doesn’t require any special cleaning.

Possible Problems:

It may take a few days to get use to wearing the headgear.